Return Policy and Warranties

Order Changes and Cancellations

If you wish to change or cancel your order, you must do so before your order is shipped.  Please contact us to change or cancel your order. Any changes or cancellations after shipment will be subject to our return policy.

Return and Exchange Policy

Due to general ammunition product safety considerations, we process returns or exchanges for ammunition and ammunition components only in the following limited circumstances.  TO AVOID YOUR LOSING YOUR PRODUCT, DO NOT RETURN PRODUCTS TO US WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING A RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (RMA) FROM US.

  • When we have made an order processing error or the products were damaged in transit, and;
  • You have contacted us within 10 days of receipt of the order, and;
  • We have authorized a return of the product by issuing an RMA and return label, and;
  • The product is un-opened, un-used, in its original packaging, and;
  • You assume the responsibility of safely repacking the product and placing the product in the possession of the shipping carrier, using the pre-paid label provided.  NOTE THAT SOME PARCEL CARRIERS HAVE LIMITED DROP-OFF POINTS FOR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SHIPMENTS.

Upon receipt and inspection of the returned product, we will either (1) refund your purchase price, (2) exchange the product with the product originally ordered.

Limited Warranties

Warranty for CLT Ammo’s “No-Nonsense” Branded Ammunition

Ammunition sold under CLT Ammo’s “No-Nonsense Ammunition” brand is warranted for 90 days to (1) fit within the chamber of an un-modified, serviceable firearm produced by a recognized manufacturer of the appropriate caliber (2) function when the primer is struck cleanly in the center by the firing pin of a serviceable firearm, and (3) cause the projectile to exit an unobstructed barrel of the appropriate caliber and length upon function of the primer.

We will, upon notice that “No-Nonsense” branded ammunition fails to meet this warranty, replace the portion of the product found defective with like product at our expense or refund your portion of the purchase price associated with the defective product.

LIMITATIONS OF WARRANTY – We do not warrant that “No-Nonsense” branded ammunition will (1) feed through a magazine into the chamber of a magazine-fed weapon under all conditions, (2) produce a specific projectile velocity or accuracy, (3) penetrate or not penetrate any material, (4) produce or not produce a specific terminal effect within the target, or (5) cycle a semiautomatic weapon under all conditions.   WE DO NOT WARRANT OUR AMMUNITION FOR USE IN FULLY-AUTOMATIC WEAPONS.

Warranty for Products Manufactured by Others

We do not warrant products manufactured by others.  If you have an issue related to a warranty claim with a product manufactured by a third party, please contact that product’s manufacturer directly for handling your warranty claim.

No Warranty for Surplus and Salvage Ammunition

Any products offered on our website as “Surplus” or “Salvage” is strictly sold on an “as-is” basis.  No warranty of any type is offered and the buyer assumes all risks of use and for inspecting the product to ensure its safe use.

Limitations of Liability

Subject to the terms of this Policy, our liability is limited to replacing or refunding (1) orders processed incorrectly by us, (2)  products damaged in shipping through no fault of the customer, and (3) limited warranty claims arising from defective “No-Nonsense Ammunition” branded products occurring within a limited timeframe.  WE, OUR EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AND AFFILATES ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR INJURY OR DAMAGE TO PERSONS, PROPERTY, OR THE ENVIRONMENT ASSOCIATED WITH THIS USE OF THE PRODUCTS SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE ON THIS WEBSITE.