Shipping Policy

General Shipping Policy

We pack, label, and ship our goods in accordance with the regulations of the US Department of Transportation.  Unless we advise you otherwise, we utilize private parcel services such as FEDEX for shipment.  Certain bulk orders may be shipped by motor carrier.  Due to US Postal Service restrictions, we cannot use the US Postal Service for delivery of our products.

Shipment Tracking and Delivery

Our automated notification systems will advise you of the tracking numbers once the goods are placed into the possession of the Parcel Carrier.  You agree that the Parcel Carrier’s tracking system shall serve as proof of delivery of the goods.  IF YOU WAIVE SIGNATURE REQUIREMENTS WITH THE PARCEL CARRIER AND THE GOODS ARE LOST AND STOLEN, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE.

Delivery Limitations and Restrictions

We do not ship to addresses where we know it is illegal to ship, however, laws change constantly and we cannot know all regional limitations and restrictions for sale of ammunition or components.  It is your responsibility to know your local laws to make sure it is legal for ammunition to be shipped to your address.  Known delivery restrictions include:

  • We cannot ship ammunition to PO boxes, including APO/FBO boxes.
  • We do not ship ammunition internationally, or outside of the continental United States.
  • Alaska – No Ammunition Shipments
  • California (except below) – ALL AMMUNITION SHIPMENTS MUST BE TO AN FFL OR STATE LICENSED AMMUNITION SELLER.  No Linked, Incendiary, or Tracer Ammunition.  We will ship to California FFL3/COA holders at their licensed premises address.  We also ship to CA Law Enforcement upon receipt of Law Enforcement credentials.
  • Colorado – No Linked Ammunition Shipments
  • Connecticut – Must provide a State Issued ID, and ONE of the following:  (1)  A valid CT permit to carry a pistol or revolver (2) a valid CT long gun eligibility certificate, or (3) a valid CT ammunition certificate.
  • Hawaii – No Ammunition Shipments
  • Illinois – Must provide (1) valid Firearms Owner’s ID Card (FOID) or Concealed Carry License, and (2) Illinois Driver’s License or Stated ID Card.  FFL Dealers also acceptable. 
  • Maryland – No Linked Ammunition Shipments
  • Massachusetts – No Ammunition Shipments except to FFL Holders or to holders of a State-Issued License to Carry (LTC) or Firearms Owner’s Identification Card (FOID).
  • New Jersey – FOID Card must be provided.  No Linked Ammunition Shipments.
  • New York (except New York City) – For HANDGUN ammunition, we require a State Issued ID and ONE of the following:  (1)  an NYS handgun permit (2) an NYS License to Carry, (3) A valid FFL or NYS state Registered Seller of Ammunition certificate.  No Linked Ammunition Shipments.  New York City – We will ship to FFL’s only.
  • Ohio – No Linked Ammunition Shipments.
  • Washington DC – A valid firearms registration certificate is required.  No .50 BMG ammunition, no armor piercing ammunition, no ammunition component shipments.  No linked ammunition shipments.

Age Restrictions and Adult Signature Required

We may request your date of birth at the time of checkout to verify your age or we may have you certify that you are of legal age to purchase our products.  Deliveries of ammunition may require adult signatures at the location of delivery, unless you waive this requirement with the Parcel Carrier.

HAZMAT Surcharges

Certain classes of products carried by us may incur HAZMAT surcharges from the Parcel Carrier.  When applicable, these will be shown separately at check-out.  We encourage you to investigate the HAZMAT surcharge policies of the Parcel Carriers and order your products in a way to limit the impact of these fees on your order.

Damage During Shipment

We want your goods to arrive in an undamaged state and go to great lengths to package your product.  However, sometimes damage occurs in shipment.  Please inspect your package at the time of delivery.  IF YOU NOTICE THE PARCEL HAS BEEN DAMAGED OR TAMPERED WITH, PLEASE REFUSE THE SHIPMENT AND INFORM THE CARRIER IMMEDIATELY.  This protects you and us.  If you later notice product damage that was not evident upon receipt of parcel, please notify us.  Note that after you accept the delivery, damaged products are covered by our warranty and/or return policy, which has certain limitations and procedures.

Undeliverable Products

If the Parcel Carrier is unable to deliver your product for any reason, the product will be returned to us in accordance with the Parcel Carrier’s policies.  Please ensure that you have provided a proper shipping address, a valid means of contact, and have made arrangements for the product to be accepted at the time of delivery.  If the product is returned to us as undeliverable, we will refund you for the value of the product, however, shipping and handling as well as HAZMAT surcharges are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Order Processing and Transit Times

We do our best to ensure that in-stock orders received by 2PM Eastern Time are processed and dispatched on the same business day.  Orders received for in-stock items on a weekend or holiday are dispatched on the following business day.   In certain situations, shipments may not be dispatched on a specific day for reasons within or outside our control; however we will make every effort to process and dispatch your order as soon as possible.  WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR DELAYS IN ORDER PROCESSING OR DELIVERY.

Transit times generally vary from 1 to 7 business days depending upon the Parcel Carrier and your location.  Additional information may be found on the Parcel Carrier’s website or by tracking your package through our automated notification system.

Special Shipping Requests

If you have special shipping requests, please add them to the order at the time of placing or notify us by email prior to shipment.  We will make every effort to accommodate your request.  However, please note that certain requests may delay your shipment or incur additional costs to you.